Ribera del Duero. Translation – really amazing wine!

OK, so the translation really is Bank of Duero, which would be referring to the Duero River.   Now lets get to the wine!   I was able to attend a Ribera del Duero tasting thanks to my friends at www.corkd.com  :-)    The wines have lots of character and many were spicy!   I love a wine with good spice as long as the alcohol content isn’t too high.

2009 Pradorey Rosado

Beautiful color! Not quite pink, more like a light transparent red. This wine smells like it will be acidic and refreshing – strawberry and blackbery scent is definitely coming through. Some vanilla as well, which is not typical of a rose. Really good fruit coming out on the midpalate – and not as much acid as I expected. Strawberry vanilla finish. This wine is much more approachable than other rose’s I’ve tasted. Great balance on the finish. This is a Pinot drinker’s rose for sure! Pairing = Peking duck


Home run – even if you don’t love Rose wines, be sure to try this one!

2006 Protos Roble Tempranillo

Dark fruit, clove and smoke on the nose. Spicy! Finish is very interesting and definitly lingers… some big spices. I wasn’t crazy about this wine until the finish and now I’m a fan! I’m liking the spice :-)



2003 Tinto Figuero 15 Reserva

Tobacco, mocha, blackberry… what a nose! This smells big and complex. Dry finish with big tannins. Its kind of unfair to try this solo… it needs food – like a manchengo cheese.



2006 Condado de Haza Crianza

Whoa. Super dark fruit, dark chocolate, tobacco and all sorts of goodness on this nose. Very complex! Aftertaste reminds me of dark, bitter chocolate and I am liking it :-)



2006 Aalto Tempranillo

Blackberry jam, licorice, black pepper, and toast on the nose, yum. Spicy finish with some vanilla coming out as well. I keep going back and smelling this one, just love the nose on it! After tasting again, getting some cranberry on the finish. Definitely dry on the finish which would make it a food wine – paella!


Home run

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