2009 Wallace Barossa Valley Shiraz/Grenache

My friend was very excited for me to try this wine and described it as a “fruit bomb”.   The color was definitely purple, meaning its a young wine.   Here’s a guide to guessing the age of a red wine based on color alone:

0-3 years – purple

3-5 years – red

5+ years – starts to turn a brick color, than brownish

Done with the wine lesson, lets get to tasting!   Huge fruit coming out on the nose, gobs and gobs of it.  Ever have Gushers?   That’s what the smell reminded me of.   On the midpalate, the alcohol overpowered the fruit a bit.   Definitely got pepper on the finish, but more heat!   Definitely serve this one a bit chilled to cool it down a bit.  Despite the alcohol level (15% – yikes!), there is nice fruit on this wine and I’d describe it as very fun  :-)



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