Scoring System

I love wine.  I love baseball.   And I’ll use any excuse to relate one to the other  :-)

Grand slam – Wow.   Epic.   A stunner!   A wine that will make you stand up and cheer!

Home run – Amazing!   Find this wine and try it, even if it means finding it on Google and having it shipped.

Triple - Very good!   If you see this wine at the store or at a restaurant/wine bar, be sure to try it.

Double – A well made wine.   Definitely a good buy for the price, better than others at its price point.

Single – An easy drinking wine, but a bit boring.   Nothing stands out.   Drinkable if its one of the only choice at the bar, but otherwise I’d pass.

Strikeout - Disappointing.   Something is off.   Better luck next vintage!