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I’m Cheryl, a wine enthusiast and aspiring sommelier who has been to more wine tastings than I’d like to admit!   I live in Northern California right near wine country, and I continue to be overwhelmed with the selection of amazing wineries I have within an hour’s drive.   Like most people out there, I also have bills to pay, therefore my wine budget is not unlimited.   Have I ever chosen to purchase a cult Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir over buying a much-needed new pair of shoes?   Yes, sadly I have.   My shoes won’t last forever, so I know that I need to reign in my wine budget.

Why am I sharing my tasting experiences via the world wide web?   I know it can be tough to find a good bottle under the $20 price point.    You can think of me as your wine savvy friend  :-)   I am not affiliated with any wineries and am not getting paid so you can be assured that I am being honest!

Thank you for reading!


Email:  cherylb614@yahoo.com, grapedeals@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I am rather disappointed that you refuse to ‘critique’ my Manischewitz. … Just kidding … good luck with your blog….and yes, Cheryl doesn’t get her wine enthusiasm from me, I am truly happy with a glass of Manischewitz (but I also enjoy a sweet dessert wine on occassion :) )

  2. Hi Cheryl: I’m a budding enthusiast with no training. I like mostly reds, and like you, will try them all. I’m now off to a local wine store with a list of 3 of your Home Runs.

    My suggestion for you is to add a PayPal feature to your site for contributions. I know if you steer me in the right direction I would gladly buy you a $15 bottle of wine. I look at it like you may save me a bunch of money :)


  3. Hi Charles, thanks for the comment and I am happy to help! While I always appreciate a good bottle of wine, there is no need to donate – but thank you so much for the offer! The best way to contribute would be to let me know your opinion on the three bottles you bought. After you’ve tried them, please feel free to comment on the reviews to let me (as well as my readers) know what your take was.

    Thanks again for reading!

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