2012 Mason Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

When someone working for one of the most amazing wineries in Napa recommends a good local sauvignon blanc, you must try it.   Thank you to John from Viader for the suggestion!   I had mentioned that I love sauv blancs from Rutherford, and he recommended Mason.   I had heard of their wines, but had never tried them.   Imagine my excitement when I saw the bottle at my local Whole Foods*!

Ahh, look at that pretty label.   LOVE.   Very light in color, almost clear.   Sniff….    Flowers (think fresh cut tulips), lemon-lime, grapefruit and honeydew melon.   Wow, this sauv blanc has a nice midpalate!   Tropical, ripe, and pineapple-y.   Same theme on the finish, and the finish definitely lingers.   Great acidity yet a little sweetness too.   Not a touch of oak, just how I like my sauv blanc!  It really did remind me of a pineapple, and the floral notes set it apart from the sauv blancs that I’ve had where fresh cut grass dominates.   Very refreshing summer white!   And the acidity makes this an awesome food wine  :-)

photo 1



Home Run

* Is there a support group for Whole Foods addicts?   I think I may have a problem.