2010 Vinum Cellars Pinot Noir California

Never go food shopping hungry.   If you do, you will walk out of the store with lots of cheese, ice cream and – of course – a bottle of wine.   I usually go for a pinot that has more details provided on the bottle…. I mean, “California” doesn’t really narrow it down!   But on the back of the bottle, it is specified that this pinot is made from coastal fruit.   OK, sold.

Oooh a twist top!   Makes my life easier.   Black cherry dominates the nose on this wine, smells tangy, spicy and earthy.   A little mushroom-y.   Mouthfeel has tart black cherry… this pinot reminds me more of the Willamette pinots than ones I’ve had from California.   I love me some California pinots and usually want more roundness, so I was a little disappointed at first but the acidity on the finish is nice.   This would be a great cheese wine (brie, goat cheese) or would be yummy with creamy sauces.   I also had these awesome little feta tarts from Trader Joes that would be fab with this wine.

$12/bottle (on sale from $15/bottle at Whole Foods)