2011 The Pepper Pot – Stellenbosch South Africa

The Pepper Pot is an interesting name for a bottle of wine.   I would expect this to be a total fruit and pepper bomb, and hoping it isn’t green bell pepper.   6 grapes in this blend, mostly Syrah.   As soon as I poured it, I could smell how jammy it was.   Smells like Fruit Roll Ups, sugary sweet.   The mouthfeel is ripe with explosive berry, and the finish was reminiscent of raspberry juice chased with a shot of freshly ground white pepper.   If I served this at a party for friends, it would be a hit.   Very easy to drink, with a relatively high alcohol content and no bite on the midpalate or finish.   Hmmm, maybe serving this at a party would be a bad idea.   Enjoy in moderation  :-)



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