2010 Hess Select Treo Winemaker’s Blend California

One of the reasons I should avoid buying wine at Safeway is that the wine section is right next to the counter where you can get chicken wings to go.   How would you like to try smelling buffalo wings while shopping for wine and not buying them?   So, I picked up a bottle that can pair with wings   :-)

The Treo is a blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Petite Sirah.   The percentages aren’t specified, but from the nose I would guess this is about 50% Merlot.   OK, Googling it.    45%, I was close.   Plum and cherry on the nose, and it smells sugary.   Smells like Merlot, tastes like Petite Sirah.  This wine has some serious bite.   Be sure to serve at cellar temperature because this would be way too harsh straight out of the wine rack.   I am liking the finish, tangy cherry and cranberry.   Compared to the midplate, the finish is more smooth and soft.   The tasting notes on the bottle recommend to have it with BBQ, and this was a pretty nice one to pair with the wings.



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