2010 Protocolo – Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Spain

Confession – I totally fell for the marketing ploy on this one.   I was at Whole Foods and saw that the tasting notes on the bottle said “great value!!!” and the bottle was only $7.99.   Less than the block of cheese I bought, woohoo!

Sniff… cherries, raspberries, flower petals and white pepper.   Tart berries on the midpalate, lots of bright acidity in this wine.   The finish was light and a bit spicy with sour raspberry lingering.   My palate tends to gravitate towards wines that are more robust unless we’re talking about Pinots or certain white wines, but I can appreciate this <$8 wine  - lotsa bite that would pair well with cheeses.   Many wines that are in the same price range are way too fruit forward and don’t have any structure.   Great everyday drinking wine!





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