2010 Mouton Cadet Bordeaux

This is my first official post on my very own domain – www.grapedeals.com!   :-D   And now to change my web address on my business cards, Twitter, Facebook…

My site officially went live today, so I had to blog a new wine.   If this font and format look funny, it is because I am still learning!

I had heard that a new local store Sprouts has a pretty nice selection of wines under $20 so I had to check it out.   Those who are fans of the wine selection at Trader Joe’s will like Sprouts too, in fact… I don’t think they carried one bottle over $20.   The Mouton Cadet is a Bordeaux blend I picked up for 12 bucks.   As soon as I opened the bottle, I knew this one was young and could use more time in the bottle.   But tonight, I was just hoping that some time in the glass would help, and it did.   Black cherries, dirt, and flower petals on the nose – mostly black cherry though.   The mouthfeel lives up to the nose, and is pretty huge – definitely similar to biting into a ripe black cherry… without the pit!   Lots of grip on the finish, which reaffirmed my initial belief that this wine could use more time in the bottle.

I had to pair this one with food because I rarely drink French or Italian wines on their own.   I experimented a bit tonight – sauteed shiitake/oyster/crimini/button mushrooms in a bit of butter and then mixed in some camembert and gorgonzola cheese until the cheeses melted.   The wine was great with the mushrooms and cheese!

$12/bottle at Sprouts Farmer’s Market


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