2009 Ed’s Red – California

Adastra Winery is located in beautiful Carneros, right near Napa.   The tasting room is in a 150 year old barn, surrounded by vineyards and gardens.   It is easy to miss it because the sign isn’t huge, and you can’t even see the winery from the road.   A must visit if you’d like to avoid the crowds and soak up some gorgeous scenery!

Adastra makes great Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot.   I was pleasantly surprised to see a bottle under $20 on their list – a blend for only $15!  The Ed’s Red is 55% Dolcetto, 33% Zinfandel, and 12% Syrah.   On first whiff – dark fruit, licorice and black pepper.   Huge, hearty, fleshy midpalate and layers of spices on the finish.   The finish is a bit bitter and jammy at the same time.   Ahh, Dolcetto AND Zinfandel, makes sense!   The bottle says to pair it with mammoth (or vegetarian equivalent).  None of my local supermarkets carried mammoth unfortunately, but we did try it with grilled chicken kebobs and the pairing was quite tasty.



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