2009 Moillard Les Violettes Cotes Du Rhone

This uniquely shaped 375ml bottle looked like a bottle of port!   For some odd reason, I thought this bottle looked like it belonged on a pirate ship.   Arrrrrrrrrr!   OK, onto the wine.   The nose on this is so strong and perfume-esque.   Dark fruit, tons of earthiness and spice.   On second sniff, I get some pine and caramel.   The mouthfeel and finish is acidic but tannin is almost non-existant.   The acidity is a bit much on it’s own and food is essential with this wine.   This wine is a bit scary and unapproachable – if someone had never tried wine and opened this as their first bottle, he/she may be scared off from wine for good.  But I can see why a fan of the Rhone varietals may enjoy this.

$7.99/half bottle



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