Turkey Time! 2009 Don & Sons Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

Lets give Thanksgiving turkey the attention it deserves for once!   For the next few weeks, I will be pairing my wine with turkey… and some of the other delicious Thanksgiving side dishes too.

Does turkey pair with white wine, or red?   The answer is – both!   I’ve enjoyed turkey with a Zinfandel (which many believe to be the ultimate Thanksgiving wine) and also a Gewurztraminer.   Tonight, I am trying a Pinot Noir and I do really enjoy Pinot with turkey because lots of Pinots have notes of cranberry.

The Don & Sons Pinot was no exception, I smelled cranberries and some strawberry too.   It also smelled a bit spicy – like the spices you would put in a pumpkin bread.   This Pinot was definitely more acidic and less fruit forward than I expected.   And those pumpkin bread spices lingered at the finish.   

And now to try the wine with the turkey and stuffing (I did not cook this myself – though I’d love to take credit, I got this from the buffet at Whole Foods!).   The tart cranberry in the wine allowed it to pair perfectly with the meal.   The spices in the wine also gave the pairing an added dimension.   My friend Heather was here as well and agreed that the wine was great with the turkey and stuffing.   So the ’09 Don & Sons Pinot definitely gets “Thanksgiving wine” status  :-)



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