2009 flipflop Cabernet Sauvignon

Yesterday in a tasting room I saw these adorable flip flop coasters and that made me want to drink some flipflop wine.   So tonight, I popped open (or rather, twisted open) the flipflop cabernet.  This is a summer cabernet, if there is such a thing!   Usually, cabernet is heavy with lots of dark fruit and tannin.   Well, this one has all the fruit but not the darkness.   Smells like berry flesh and a bit of black pepper.   The midpalate is bright and happy.   And some nice, juicy berries & cherries on the finish.   I’m enjoying this with some chocolate but it would also be delicious with a burger!    Each of the flipflop wines I have tried are fruit driven and very approachable and this one is no different  :-)



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