2009 flipflop Pinot Noir – California

*Disclaimer – Prior to trying this wine, I already really wanted to like it because of the adorable flip flops on the label, and also because for each bottle purchase they donate a pair of shoes to someone in need!*

Should I be trying this wine while wearing flip flops?   Well, I pretty much live in flip flops so why not?   Spicy cranberry-cherry nose, smells light and juicy.   And juicy it was, from start to finish.   Not sweet and processed like Hi-C, yet also not healthy-tasting like the Simply juices or POM.   More like… Minute Maid.   Cranberry-Cherry Minute Maid!   This is an easy drinking, fruity wine lover’s dream.   If you have a friend who finds tannin in their wine to be too harsh for their taste, just put this in a juice box and tell them it is Cran-Cherry juice.   After a few glasses, they may just start to wonder why they are feeling a little tipsy  ;-)

Not very complex, just bunches of fruit but at $6.99 a bottle this is a great buy for gifts and parties.   Or to just keep around the house!   Some wines at $6.99 with a cute label are undrinkable but definitely not the case with this deliciously juicy Pinot Noir!



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