2007 Chockstone Shiraz Grampians Australia

I don’t drink Shiraz often.  I’ve just had many mediocre ones, and its not often I find one that I really enjoy.   Nonetheless, I was excited to try this one – Shiraz is a great wine to enjoy on a cold day.  This one has a complex, rich nose.  Blackberry jam, black pepper, smoke, strawberry, chocolate.   Gobs of dark, velvety fruit on the midpalate with some black pepper sprinkled in.   The finish can best be described as juicy.  A bit of cocoa lingers as well.  I paired this with Roaring 40 – an Australian blue cheese – topped with honey and cracked rainbow peppercorns.  YUM!



2 thoughts on “2007 Chockstone Shiraz Grampians Australia

  1. After reading this, i am running (not walking, or even walking briskly) to see if I can find it in Hoboken!!! Definitely been going through an Australian wines phase! Can’t wait to try and report back!

  2. Arielle, I would love to hear what you think of it but I think it is definitely your type of wine. I did try the ’08 Layer Cake Shiraz a few days ago and was disappointed but then again the restaurant had served it too warm – a fatal error when pouring Shiraz!

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