2009 Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc

The best part of living in Northern California is the wine culture here!   So many wine events, so little time.   The city I moved to was having a “Wine Walk”, so I had to partake in the festivities of course.

One of the wineries pouring was Charles Krug.   I’ve passed their winery many times in Napa, and will be stopping in next time for sure.   I particularly enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc, even though I normally prefer New Zealand style Sauv Blanc.

This wine was very refreshing!   Citrusy fruit, but not overly acidic – kiwi and papaya rather than grapefruit.   I enjoyed the ripeness of the fruit and was surprised to discover I didn’t miss the grassiness of a NZ Sauv Blanc as much as I thought I would.

Next stop, Lafayette Wine Festival!



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