2009 Benaza Mencia

Yes, I am in a particularly good mood this week but no, that is not the reason I  am giving another bottle a high score  :-)   This wine is just THAT good.   I had never tried the Mencia grape and was excited… and now I am sad that I didn’t try it sooner.   I was seriously missing out, and if you haven’t tried it you are as well.   Deep blueberry and raspberry on the nose, sprinkled with something herbal (thyme?) and a hint of mint.   Got some cherry there as well.   Complex… very nice!   Some fleshy fruit coming out when I taste it – the fruit just coats my palate.   Is that plum?   A bit of spiciness and very nice fruit on the finish.   I wouldn’t call this a fruit bomb because it is very well balanced.   If you’re a Pinot fan and also like your wine on the fruiter side but find Shiraz to be a bit too over the top fruit bomby (is that a word?) try this bottle.   Chambers Street Wines in Lower Manhattan carries it  :-)   Great store!


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