2006 Pine & Post Cabernet Sauvignon Washington State

I tasted this wine BEFORE looking at the price  :-)  As I always should, but since I usually purchase my own wine it doesn’t work that way.   My sister Jackie purchased this bottle for me, because she just loves buying me wine.   And she liked the pine tree on the label.   So I’m talking about the price because this was INSANELY inexpensive.   Now, for the tasting notes.   The nose on this wine smelled like Spanish yellow rice cooking – Spanish yellow rice with lots of smoky bell pepper.   Definite bell pepper dominance, with saffron hints as well.   Dark fruit (currant), and pepper on the midpalate, though the bell pepper seems to convert to freshly grated black pepper.   The finish was a bit too thin for my liking.   If I was to rate the wine solely on its nose, I’d give it a home run – VERY aromatic.



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