2008 Murphy-Goode Pinot Noir

I had never been able to find Murphy-Goode’s Pinot Noir before, and was beginning to think it was an urban legend!    Low and behold… found it at my local store on sale for $11.99!   Definitely a steal for a Pinot.   Cherries and vanilla dominate the nose, round-ish mouthfeel and a tart cherry finish.   I like the fruit in this!   But I didn’t want my liver to hate me, so I used my new Vinotemp battery operated vacuum pump to save it for the next day.   Day 2- its even better!   Unusual for a Pinot.   My friend tried it as well and was pleasantly surprised at the low price.   The mouthfeel and finish were a bit more bright the second day and the fruit popped out even more.   Definite vanilla/caramel on the finish.

$11.99 bottle (on sale)


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