A Chilean winery to keep an eye on – De Martino

I was invited to a De Martino tasting by the awesome people over at www.corkd.com (thank you!) and got to try 5 of their fabulous wines.   I gave every wine over 90 points, all were very well made.   The best part?   The average bottle was $14.99!   :-)

Some key notes…

  • Chile had a great 2007 vintage so if you see any Chilean wines (especially Cabernet) from ’07, pick up a bottle and give it a try!
  • 2010 is supposed to be even better.   Can’t wait for them to be released…
  • These wines are delicious – in my opinion, of course.   They are bold, fruit forward and peppery with softer tannins on the finish.   If you are scared of peppery, spicy wines, you may not love them as much as I did.   They are just fine on their own, no food necessary.
  • This winery is eco-friendly!

2006 De Martino Las Cruces Old Bush Vines - Smells like licorice, cheese rind, blackberry brandy… this just smells like a big, bold bottle of vino. Huge fruit hit on the midpalate – super ripe blueberries coming out on the finish. Mouthfeel of a California zin but a much nicer finish. I want to drink this in Vermont on a summer night, watching shooting stars :-)  $29.99/bottle  Triple

2007 De Martino Legado Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon – Did Chile have a great growing season like California did in 2007? Nose=BAM – hit with that very ripe fruit. Some peppery goodness on the nose as well. I smell this and I want a steak, right now. Fruit for miles on the midpalate and a peppery bite on the finish. Finish makes your mouth water but not in a bad way. Still want a steak :-) This wine is absolutely delicious…   $14.99/bottle  HOME RUN

2008 De Martino Legado Reserva Syrah – Currant, berry jam, pepper, dried leaves and even a bit of passion fruit on the nose. Very, very interesting nose. Thinner on the mouthfeel than expected, and a nice, smooth finish. This finish just goes on and on and its a great thing. Love that the tannins aren’t overpowering the fruit. Well balanced. I feel like I am drinking a pinot on steriods… which is a good thing!  $14.99/bottle  Triple

2008 De Martino Organico Cabernet Sauvignon – Malbec – Extremely interesting and bold nose. Bell pepper, smoke, dark fruit, dirt, cranberry… fruit really comes out on the midpalate and I absolutely loved that it lingered at the end and the tannins didn’t dry out my mouth. But it didn’t just taste like fruit juice either, the tannins are there but the fruit is still coming out. This is a very well made wine that is drinking beautifully right now! I wouldn’t age it much longer…  $14.99/bottle Triple, possibly stealing home!

2008 De Martino Legado Reserva Chardonnay - The first thing I smelled when I took a whiff of this one is oak and butter- big time! Apple is coming through as well. Super creamy, ripe midpalate, and a surprisingly acidic finish. But the acid isn’t harsh – some of that fruit still pops through. This is the first Chilean chardonnay I’ve ever enjoyed – definitely digging this one! This wine is begging for dungeness crab or lobster thermador.  $14.99/bottle  Triple

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