2009 Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz

OK, I’ll admit…  I bought this wine because I loved the name, and the bottle!   I mean, the top of it looks like the top of a jam jar, how cute!

At first whiff…   wow, the fruit really comes out.   The strawberry/raspberry jammy scent shows the wine lives up to its name.   Also get notes of pepper.   SWEET midpalate, light fruity finish.   Very different and its a great bottle to drink on its own – it would be very easy to drink the whole bottle!   The tannin structure is pretty non-existant so this is not a bottle for those wine snobs out there but its great for those who are a fan of sweeter, fruitier wines.

$10 per bottle


2 thoughts on “2009 Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz

  1. LOVE the design!! and it sounds really yummy. Now I know what to pick up next time I am looking for a bottle. Thank you! Oh, and totally addicted to the muscato grapes- THANKS!! LOL.

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