2008 JM Fonseca Twin Vines

I paid $3.99 for this wine.   Seriously!   Regular price is $6.99.   My friend’s Elena’s husband has a motto when it comes to wine – “Buy if cheap”, and this is cheaper than his beloved Yellowtail!

In the bottle, the wine looks clear like water.   When I poured it into the glass, the color was very pale yellow.   And there were bubbles in the glass, interesting!

OK, time to smell and taste.   Lemon lime on the nose, like the imitation Sprite they sell at A&P.   Also a hint of fresh cut flowers.   Fizzy mouthfeel, very light finish.   The alcohol content is only 9.5% but I still had the aftertaste of taking a lemon drop shot.   Refreshing, best if served very cold.   Might taste better on the beach!

Single at $6.99, Double at $3.99!

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