Terrazas Malbec 2008 – Argentina (Mendoza)

I tried this Malbec while having lunch at the always awesome Son Cubano  :-)    Nose was a bit closed off, think about a rose before it really opens up.  Bit of berries and currant but not much complexity or oomph.   Juicy midpalate with a sweet, oaky slightly dry finish.    Paired well with the food but would have been a bit boring by itself.   It was a well made wine though so I may try another vintage or give this one more time in the bottle!

Price = $10/bottle wine.com ($11 per glass at Son Cubano, yes wine by the glass in the city is very overpriced!)

Score = Single

One thought on “Terrazas Malbec 2008 – Argentina (Mendoza)

  1. Try the’05 or ’06. I’ve never had their ’08 before, but we’re fans of Terrazas. Not the most unique wine,and can be a bit boring, but still a solid choice.

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