2012 OZV Old Zin Vines Zinfandel Lodi

Remember Gushers, those fruit snacks that had the ooey goey super fruity center?    Well, if I had a craving for Gushers I would open this Zinfandel instead.   Lots of California Zinfandels are fruit forward, but this one approaches Aussie Shiraz territory.   Massive ripe raspberry, strawberry flesh and a woody chocolate finish.   Now, I did just compare this wine with Aussie Shiraz but please note that this is MUCH softer.   Not much structure/backbone….   There is literally no bite or spice on the back end, just a dollop of juicy fruit fused with creamy chocolately oak.   I would pair this wine with buffalo wings smothered in blue cheese.

photo 1 (4)


Single for me.   Triple for those of you who love ripe, juicy zins.