2011 Hey Mambo Sultry Red – California

Gotta love it when a label on a bottle describes a wine… Sultry!   Lets see if this wine lives up to its label.   The blend in this - Syrah, Petite Sirah, Zindandel, Merlot, Tannat (really?), Cab Franc, Alicante (really?!) and Tempranillo.   Wow.   Certainly smells ripe and rich.  Lots of spices and fruit are competing for my nose but getting mostly raspberry and burnt caramel.   On to the first sip…   tastes like berries laced with pepper and baking spices.   Very juicy mouthfeel and finish.   More competing flavors on the finish, but I think this finishes like a zin.   A bit jammy, and slightly spicy.  Definitely sultry and seductive…  a nice blend at a very good price!



$8.99/bottle at K&L Wine Merchants