2011 Old School Rouge – France

As usual, most the bottles in my current collection are “save for a special occasion” bottles… this is becoming an issue so my friends and I have taken to inventing special occasions on a random Monday just so we can open our nice bottles.   But, I picked this one up to try.   The blend was not specified on the bottle, but it was really gamey, dark, and spicy on the nose.   The mouthfeel was full of white pepper with lots of black fruit and the finish…  bone dry.   Not quite what I expected!   The meaty nose was definitely intriguing, but it finished a bit bitter.   Kind of similar to taking a spoonful of cocoa powder.   Maybe it needs more time in the bottle, or the fruit just isn’t ripe enough for me.

photo (36)




2012 Sequin Pinot Grigio

This may be one of the cutest bottles I’ve ever seen!   Love polka dots.   Summer may officially be over, but with the warm weather this week why not open a summer wine?  Sniff…   pear, sweet orange, green apple and sugar.   Seriously, this smells sweet!   Unexpected for a Pinot Grigio.   The mouthfeel is very bright and juicy.   Losta residual sugar on the finish.   This finishes like a moscato.

My friend Mandy (Grapedeals’ photographer!) noted that the wine paired well with raspberries so she put raspberries in the glass and loved the combination!  This is a fun, very light wine that would be popular with those who love wine spritzers.   Poolside, for pre-gaming in the limo or for baby showers (there’s a rose – pink polka dots!   and a Moscato with with blue polka dots!   and green for “we don’t know yet”).

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Spectator… you’re just having fun at the game!