2007 Chockstone Shiraz Grampians Australia

I don’t drink Shiraz often.  I’ve just had many mediocre ones, and its not often I find one that I really enjoy.   Nonetheless, I was excited to try this one – Shiraz is a great wine to enjoy on a cold day.  This one has a complex, rich nose.  Blackberry jam, black pepper, smoke, strawberry, chocolate.   Gobs of dark, velvety fruit on the midpalate with some black pepper sprinkled in.   The finish can best be described as juicy.  A bit of cocoa lingers as well.  I paired this with Roaring 40 – an Australian blue cheese – topped with honey and cracked rainbow peppercorns.  YUM!



Pinot Evil Pinot Noir – Hungary

This was my first time trying a Hungarian Pinot Noir, so I was very intrigued.  I usually drink Tokaji from Hungary, which is a yummy dessert wine that pairs very well with chocolate.   This pinot has an explosive nose of deep, dark cherry – along with dried leaves, dandelions and dirt.   Tart cherry and strawberry on the midpalate and a big fruity finish laced with something slightly floral.   I served this at room temperature and the finish was a bit too hot for me – it tasted much better served slightly chilled!

$21.99/3 liter box


2008 Traza, Vinos Sin Ley, David Sampedro Rioja Baja Graciano

Quite a name on this bottle!   Cool label too.   I had never tried the graciano grape and am very much looking forward to trying it.   Nose – rose petals, pine needles and sour berries.   Very aromatic.   OK, now I’m getting excited  :-)  Medium bodied acidic mouthfeel and finish – this has some bite!   Aftertaste is similar to licking a pine scented air freshener.   Not that I’ve ever done that!   Pine mixed with berry sour patch kids.   Definitely interesting and different from anything else I’ve ever tried.