2010 Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough NZ

This is the first 2010 vintage wine I’ve been able try!   New Zealand already had their harvest earlier this year.   And Sauvignon Blanc is usually made in a clean, crisp style so it doesn’t require much time in regards to the aging process.   This wine smells lively.   Cilantro, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon peel and grass on the nose.  The color is very light, almost clear.   Remember, white wine gets darker with age – and this one is VERY young.  The acidity on this is high, and I prefer the roundness of the ’09 NZ Sauv Blanc I have tried but enjoyable nonetheless.



2007 Zmor Gewurztraminer Russian River Valley

If you like your white wine slightly sweet but with an acidic finish and haven’t tried Gewurztraminer, what are you waiting for?   Also, if you are a fan of Thai food, there is no better pairing than Gewurztraminer and Thai.   Try a Gewurz with pad ke mao and it may change your life!

The Zmor is very aromatic.   Rose petal, lychee and grapefruit jump out of the glass.   You would expect this wine to be very sweet, but the finish is quite acidic.   More of the grapefruit and citrus notes come out on the finish.   The alcohol is high on this one – 14.1% – so serve well chilled.   This is an excellent value Gewurztraminer, and it may become my go-to wine to pair with Thai takeout  :-)



2009 Charles Krug Sauvignon Blanc

The best part of living in Northern California is the wine culture here!   So many wine events, so little time.   The city I moved to was having a “Wine Walk”, so I had to partake in the festivities of course.

One of the wineries pouring was Charles Krug.   I’ve passed their winery many times in Napa, and will be stopping in next time for sure.   I particularly enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc, even though I normally prefer New Zealand style Sauv Blanc.

This wine was very refreshing!   Citrusy fruit, but not overly acidic – kiwi and papaya rather than grapefruit.   I enjoyed the ripeness of the fruit and was surprised to discover I didn’t miss the grassiness of a NZ Sauv Blanc as much as I thought I would.

Next stop, Lafayette Wine Festival!



2008 Bodega Belgrano Malbec – Mendoza Argentina

“It’s a Head Snapper”   Well, that is what it says on the label, which is why I picked up the bottle.   I can’t say I agree, but this is an easy drinking, crowd pleasing, candy-esque Malbec.   Spicy, candied fruit on the nose.   The smell reminds me of raspberry fruit snacks that are not made of real fruit.   Mouthfeel is very juicy and pretty enjoyable.    The finish is a bit muted but you still get some sweet fruit.   This would be a great wine to bring to a friend as a present if you are looking for a wine that is easy to drink and has a pretty label.   It is tasty, not complex.