2008 Las Brisas – Rueda, Spain

Any white wine from Rueda Spain is a great summer white, and a great value!   If you like light, ripe, refreshing wines…   go to the Spain section of the wine store, and pick out a white from Rueda.

Ahhh, Las Brisas.   Couldn’t resist picking it up on sale for $6.99 per bottle.   It normally retails for about $10.00.   The fruit really pops out on the nose, lots of citrus – grapefruit dominates.   Clean, acidic mouthfeel and finish.   Was a bit disappointed the melon was absent… definitely had some melon in the last vintage.   But nonetheless, a great summer wine.  Want lemonade?   Drink Las Brisas instead   :-)

$6.99 per bottle on sale, usually retails for $10


C. Donatiello Chardonnay 2006 Russian River Valley

Once upon a time, on a warm Saturday night, a couple of good friends decided to gather on a rooftop and have a blind Chardonnay tasting.   Some Napa heavy hitters – Cakebread, Stags Leap, Chateau Montelena…  and a less well known Sonoma player C. Donatiello.   Huh, what’s C. Donatiello doing in this mix?   This wine got rave reviews from Wine Library so I had to give it a try and what better way than to match it up against some hefty competition?  :-)

Bring out the paper bags, make those bottles anonymous.   It was no contest… the last wine we tried took the prize.   Nose = butter, caramel, apple, pear.   Creme brulee midpalate with ripe fruit popping out, smooth, buttery finish.   Absolutely stunning.   I was certain it was the $40 Cakebread Chardonnay.  I was wrong!   It was the C. Donatiello.   On sale for $13 per bottle!

I love when this happens, and am very excited about this wine.   This is a bottle to buy a case of, especially at $13 per bottle.   This is even a good deal at $20.   My new favorite Chardonnay!   Well, might need to blind taste it with Lynmar and Sbragia.

$13 per bottle

Team is down 3 runs, GRAND SLAM at the bottom of the ninth!